May Ball Website

Usually every 1 or 2 years, each college at the University of Cambridge has a May Ball. This is a big, fancy party at the end of the year which takes place in May Week (which is in fact in June). This year my college wanted to have a website that was slightly more advanced than previous years' to show information, sell tickets, etc. However, the committee couldn't find anyone initially so they were considering switching to a simpler plan. While my friend, a committee-member, was telling me about this later in the term, I offered to do it and, after a quick video call, I was added to the team.

This was a great project for me (albeit quite a large one given the time constraints) since I got complete access to a high-end Linux server. I was able to practice full-stack development including system administration, database administration and back-end development along with the usual front-end development.