Character Sheet

I play D&D with some friends at my college. In our first campaign I played a goliath barbarian which was the tank of our party. I had taken so much damage and changed my hit points so many times that the paper had permanent smudges was beginning to tear from excessive erasing. Consequently I started looking into digital character sheets. I had heard of some digital character sheets such as D&D Beyond but they were paid and I didn't think I would ever use all of their features; so I created my own digital character sheet.

This character sheet is heavily inspired by the D&D 5E character sheet by the Wizards of the Coast. This character sheet automatically updates ability, saving throw and skill modifiers. It also automatically provides buttons that display information about your feats, spells, items, class, subclasses, background and race depending on what you type into the sheet. The information is scraped from

Advantages Over Paper


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