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Note: This project hasn't been maintained in years

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This is where my journey into the world of programming began.

The first programming language I learnt was Java, back when I was 12. A friend recommended it to me. After I had learnt the basic concepts, Ball Jump was my first project. It took me two months during my school summer holidays.

Ball Jump is a 2D computer game that's a bit like Frogger or Crossy Road with powerups, coins, upgrades and achievements.

I wanted to show my friends when we got back to school, so I put it up on a website called SourceForge for my friends to download. It somehow got 1000+ downloads worldwide (I suspect most of them were probably me doing some testing). Shortly after putting it up on SourceForge, I learnt some HTML, CSS and JavaScript and made my own website (before this one) and put Ball Jump up there.

During secondary school, I worked on Ball Jump and made frequent updates for about a year. However, at present, it hasn't been maintained for years, so it likely won't work anymore - but there's a download link at the bottom of the page and you're more than welcome to give it a try!


This button will download the zip file. Unzip it and double click on "Ball_Jump.jar".

Since Ball Jump only needs the Java Virtual Machine to run, it should run on any desktop or laptop computer's operating system as long as you have JRE version 1.8 or higher installed. If you don't have it, you can download it for free from